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HealthCall is a cloud-based care coordination platform used in highly diverse post-hospital and community care programs.

The Most Innovative, Diverse and Successful Programs Run on HealthCall

  • Community Paramedicine
  • Mobile Integrated Health
  • ET3
  • Pandemic Care

  • Telehealth/Virtual Care
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Chronic Care Mgt. (CCM)
  • Transitional Care Mgt. (TCM)

  • Behavioral Health
  • Health Screening
  • Resupply
  • Population Health

From Rural Mountains to the Largest Cities…

One Platform. Unlimited Programs.

Fully Integrated Video, One Click, No App

Designed for virtual care and Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) initiatives, HealthCall video service provides secure, quality live streaming for up to 4 people.

Easily launch video directly within the HealthCall platform to invite patients, care providers and others. recipients simply click on the secure link to join the video conference. No apps to install, no registration, and no licensing make HealthCall video easy, secure and highly scalable.

Fully integrated video streamlines and automates documentation and billing. Participants, time, duration, encounter notes, and assessment data can be automatically exported for billing.

Patient-Centric Care Coordination

The HealthCall proprietary architecture and patented system is the foundation for true patient-centric care coordination.

  • Individualize standardize care plans
  • Easily trend signs and symptoms
  • Create patient-specific care teams
  • Seamlessly collaborate on tasks with non-users
  • Analyze longitudinal outcomes

HealthCall is built from the ground up to enable better care in less time for more patients — consistently and repeatedly.

Community Care Network

Create diverse patient-specific care teams that securely grow and changes as needed without restrictive licensing or technical constraints.

Analogous to a HIPAA-compliant social network for patient care, the HealthCall Community Care Network unites primary care, ancillary care, specialist, Social services, and community resources to form multi-discipline care teams.

A simple invitation within HealthCall begins the quick verification process of adding a new care team members. Users select which patients and content to share. Task Collaboration makes it easy to coordinate deliveries, transportation, appointments, and more.

It’s about better care in less time.

In studies and real-world experience

HealthCall offers the only integrated care coordination platform patented and proven to consistently outperform national quality benchmarks such as readmission rates.

These outstanding outcomes are a testament to the clinical and financial efficacy of the HealthCall system and method.

In studies and real-world experience, HealthCall clients consistently reduce readmission rates (<72%+), considerably shorten length of stay (LOS) (<35%+), decreased ER utilization (<74%+), increase adherence (<91%) and improve satisfaction (<89%) while significantly lower costs.

Cross Platform Accessibility

HealthCall is a true cloud-based solution proven in nationwide implementations for scalability, security, and resilience.

Access HealthCall on the devices you already use every day. HealthCall cloud-based solutions are accessible across nearly all workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Along with the necessary benefit of flexible access, you can now switch between devices with a consistent user experience with no learning curve.

Large Population Monitoring

The patented HealthCall-APR™ (Automated Patient Response) system automates routine patient interactions while educating and encouraging patients towards healthier self-care.

This automated risk-based monitoring system acts as an extension of the care team engaging patients phone, web, text or email in proactively tracking key signs and symptoms.

These insights provided by HealthCall help care team members make changes in patient care sooner which reduces risk of more serious complications while significantly reducing utilization of healthcare resources.

By enabling a process of management-by-exception, this proactive care model provides a high level of patient touch while reducing the impact on care teams.

Better Communication.

Superior Results.

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, how can health systems and care providers work together to improve patient outcomes and boost population health?

The answer is HealthCall: A platform that empowers care professionals across health systems, payers, and emergency medical services (EMS) to collaborate and deliver truly patient-centric care.

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